Friday, 3 December 2010

Characters of all kinds!

Here's an update with the wow character, fleshed him out a little more and decided on a change of armor from tank to dps.

And a couple of character design sketches for my own long standing character, Kana. Trying to give him more of a real-world feel, and make him feel more like the tribal-style royalty he is while giving myself a decent portfolio piece in the process, as this is the kind of work I'd love to be doing. The first sketch there is unfinished as far as linework goes, and shows the rougher stage i tend to do before I neaten up the lines for colour.

Also adding a wip shot of a sketch I finished a while back of one of my main novel character's Jay with some start of a splash of colour, after the vein of work I did for Bizarre's Bond title, Bloodstone.

And finally some of the life drawing sketches I did a while back through work. Really enjoy this kind of thing when I get chance to do it. Sketching in watercolour is damned hard when you've only 20 mins max to do it

The last there is one of my favourites of all the life drawing I've done. The tutor even took a photo to use it as class material!