Monday, 2 May 2011

Finally got chance to get some long-needed environment practice in this week (get me, all productive and what have you). I have a long standing character whose story I've mucked about with for a long time, and it feels great to finally get some world building in a visual way done for him. These are all thumbnails of the environments you'd find on his home islands - a chain of volcanic islands brought about by the wrath of a fire god. Really wanted to get a tropical feel, but not necessarily where everything is warm and sunny and inviting. Hopefully I've captured that, and managed to get a feel of continuity between them all, so they feel like part of a similar set.

Been very inspired by the Feng Zhu Design youtube videos, especially his latest one on doing just this kind of imagery. HERE is the link to that video, I can't recommend the series enough to those who want a little more info one what makes a good designer of worlds and concepts - especially if you already have the art basics under your belt.

I am using some photo reference here, as I've never really painted much like this before, but never from just one photo source - I often take colors from one, light from another, basic composition from another, and various elements such as rocks, shapes or small details from any number of photos. Original file was around 4500 pixels high.