Thursday, 7 November 2013

Charlie Bowater Skillshare

A lot of you might have seen Charlie Bowater's Skillshare class for the amazing price of just $10 (with a referral which you can get here: CLICK HERE! )

I signed up myself and I've been massively happy with the work I've done as a part of it! I've worked like this a little in the past but seeing how someone else does it helps immensely and it's helped me loosen up a lot with the early parts of my work -  learning that loose is good for a more inspirational design process. 

Here's where I've got to thus far -  I still have to get to the final detailing render pass (usually my least favourite part because it takes SO long!)

I also managed to do a 3 hours or so self portrait from a mirror back on November 1st. Weird, cause I almost don't look like me pulling that face. It was a great painting exercise though - so much colour variation on the face!