Friday, 22 June 2012

Some cool art links

I confess this is more a post for my own good, but thought those who follow might find some of these interesting. They are in no particular order at the moment, but I've found all of them useful in some way shape or form. These are just the ones I've found most recently, hopefully I shall keep this post updated as I find more cool stuff. :) Do feel free to share any awesome links you guys have too. 

The best inspiration I can show to anyone who doesn't think they have what it takes to draw and paint amazing pictures. All it takes is perseverance, an ability to recognise your own mistakes, and knowing what to do to correct them (and if you don't know, get on sites like conceptart, CGHub or CGTalk).
A video of 9 years of artwork progression from the guy I knew as MindCandyMan on conceptart:

Valve's amazing DOTA 2 character notes:

A great look at colour theory, broken down into smaller bitesize topics: 

And amazing detailed anatomy resource:

A storyboard artist from dreamworks, a great look at character and anatomy in more stylised character work.

Overview of cloth and folds:

Linran's thoughts on light and colour, using the RGB slider:

Seargent's painting techniques: From James Gurney's awesome blog: 

And the full pdf they came from:

A great little tutorial on light and form:
All of this guy's youtube vids are worth watching to be honest - he breaks stuff down very simply.