Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Finally Finished!

First off. This piece is 3 years in the making and is finally finished. Good grief. I love my lovely commissionee for being so utterly patient and understanding that artwork is a bitch sometimes, and that when an artist wants something to work, it takes time. This piece gets its own post :D


  1. Oh I feel sorry for the poor little girl (I have 4 kids of my own) but then again, that's what makes kids so wonderful, they learn how to deal with their demons and fears. Ofcourse with a little help from their parents :D

    Happy New Year Sam, I hope 2011 will bring you lots of truly great moments!

  2. and it's so awesome. It certainly deserves its own post. and you're awesome too for doing it. I still say i have to owe you more money, my undying gratitude, and maybe a little piece of my soul as well. it was worth waiting for. I'd rather have good art than a finished piece. Hugs to you!

  3. heheh it's been a labour of love for sure, but i think we're both quits between us! Just need to find a way of getting it to you in one safe piece. Might see how much getting a frame (without the glass) would be, just to give it some protection!