Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I need to think of better blog post titles. Just a couple more sketches, one traditional of my novel characters, Jay and Nick, the other another one of these colour-intensive ladies, with a few steps. She seems to have unintentionally morphed into and Angelina lookalikey on the way, which is weird given this is off the top of the head stuff!

There's something quite relaxing about these kind of non-commital paintings. Also bought James Guerney's Colour and Light book, and am putting some of the wealth of new-found knowledge to use in this latest piece, by using a gamut mask on this colour wheel. An amazing little trick to keep my palette under a stricter control, and I'm really like the results. Might have to try painting a wheel like this in watercolour for reference too. I cannot recommend the book enough though, a real eye opener and probably the msot thorough look at light and colour alongside Jason Manley's lecture I've come across. The two as companions will stand anyone in a good mental state of knowledge that they will then have to practice like mad to perfect. Great stuff. here's a link to the book.

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