Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Two in a day!

Ain't you the lucky ones? I haven't posted this piece here yet, but thought I should... a gift done for a good friend of mine, after her mother passed away.

And while I have a week off (thank you royal wedding for your conveniently placed holiday), I'm trying my hand at clay sculpture for the first time. After a disastrous first attempt yesterday with an overweighted version of this guy, who was simply too big, I've decided to start again on a smaller scale, and this is where I'm at thus far. Currently using air-drying clay as nowhere in this country seems to sell any kind of polymer clay aside from fimo (which is ludicrously expensive), so trying the whole thing out before I commit to buying something like super sculpey online.


  1. Good luck with sculpture! I know you'll master it. Looks promising so far. I'm glad you picked the character you did. He'll make a really good 3D creation.

  2. Thhanks m'dear... we'll see how he turns out... he's mostly practice at this point!