Monday, 27 February 2012


Here's one of my latest - World of Warcraft fanart. I adore Zangarmarsh, it's my favourite zone, and the first place my current boyfriend took me when we hooked up online. Call it a first date, if you will, but there's something magical about the area, even compared to all of the other amazing areas in the game. So I've meant to do this piece for a long while; my boyfriend's Paladin, Mikhail, and my Hunter, Arython.

Here's the finished piece and a few work in progress shots for those who enjoy them. Final piece was around 6000 pixels high and done with the intuos 4 and CS5.



  1. was just curious if you got the chance to write up a review of the Wacom 24HD. Excellent work by the way


  2. Hey Michael, I've been using the 24 for a while now, and am definitely not sending it back! But I will get round to publishing my thoughts in the next day or so. And thanks :)