Sunday, 18 August 2013

The best way to make yourself paint? Painting apparently.

You know what the best thing to make you do art is? Having to do art that, while you don't not enjoy it, leaves you wanting to do something else, especially when it's paid work! I've taken on some freelance work I can't mention yet and it's literally sucking up all of my spare time. It'll do so until the end of September and if all goes well I'll make a decent financial return on my effort. It's fun, and good for my work in general as its a larger multiple of smaller pieces, but by the gods by the time I'm finished on a weekend, it leaves me *itching* to draw something of my own. It's after 11 pm on Sunday and after working til about 8pm I decided to just sit and sketch digitally and see what popped out. Doing art all weekend and rewarding myself with more art? You betcha. 

Just before I started I'd been looking at this old piece and marvelling at how bad the execution was but how I miss painting that kind of stuff. 3 hours later. Here's a sketch. I rather like it. It's one of those that makes me feel like I'm actually learning stuff artistically and it's properly sinking in. Also that desaturated colours make for awesome imagery. Providing I don't get some better idea in the meanwhile, I might work it and a companion piece up into a set, to send to Applibot, as I'd love to do some work for them with all the gorgeous work there is knocking around the net for Legend of the Cryptid and Galaxy Saga.

I feel I should also mention I'd been looking at the amazing gallery of GINOGINO over on CGHub too, go check it out. 

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