Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Studies studies studies

If there's one thing that being a full time concepter has made me realise, it's that I can't ever drop the ball. So I've been slowly trying to improve my understanding of environments. I'm never going to be the next whit brachna, or ryan church, but it'd be nice to have a vague understanding of how they do what they do. So I've been studying as and when I have the motivation - usually at lunchtimes. Here's a couple of the studies I've done recently. All of these have no ref... I've not got the studies I've been doing from reference... but I have been doing them. The last thumbnail sheet was me trying to figure out what my compulsions with composition are... and I know I tend to like having things in the bottom right corner to anchor an image, so now I can try to break that habit, see if I get better results. The black and white enviro and the train track one were both done using Levente's speed painting technique: http://vimeo.com/8288200 . Also, a sneak peek at a wip of my demon, Luce, ramped up, thanks to Darksiders being awesome.

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