Friday, 3 September 2010

I wish I were at DragonCon

I really do. In the meanwhile, here's some more stuff from me. I worked on these ages ago, just playing around with various stylisations and trying to figure out how I enjoy working - a couple are a little runescape-based - it'd be fun to see stuff in this style! I really love thumbnailing with this particular process. Still trying to get to grips with more harsh lighting conditions and stronger colours, as seen in the last piece, but not convinced it's working.


  1. The style actually reminds me of the dragon hunters series. A french animation about... dragon hunters. :)

    Nice to have found your blog Sam.
    Hope all is well in the UK!

  2. Hey Johan! Long time no speak, how are you? And neat... I've not heard of the animation, I'll look it up, as I love french animation!

  3. Hey I didn't know you did the Mongolian plains dude! That was awesome, probably my favourite one of that product series.

  4. I wish you'd been at Dragoncon too!

    I like the knight. He has such a snooty expression on his face, and I find the disproportion in his limbs and body amusing as well. I love the house on high. It's just so pretty and sweet looking. I'm not normally a fan of architectural scenes or landscapes, but I like this. It begs my imagination to create a story for it. the bottom one is an intriguing piece.

  5. Totally wish you were here as well! Maybe next year, ay? We'd love to have you!

    Always fun to get a glimpse into the concepting process! I'm drawn to the last picture probably for obvious reasons XD Great mood on that one (and indians are just cool) It's fun seeing how far you can stretch your own style as well. These have a very animated quality to them!