Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The ever fleeting Muse.

It's been a while! It's very frustrating working somewhere they're that security conscious that they won't let you take home work you do on your dev pc, as it's not connected to the internet, and requires the permission of a Senior managment member to transfer to a network that does have net access. *pfft* I have lots of doodles, sketches and practices that I just can't show, as I have no way of getting them on the net. Aside from this craptacular method, of taking a pic with my newfangled iphone 4.

However, I am kind of excited by the way this piece is going. This photo misses so much of the subtlety it's not funny, but even here you can see the kind of old master feel I'm going for. It'll eventually be a piece based on the Grimm Bros fairy tale about a young girl who looks after her brother who is turned into a fawn, and braves the king's hunt each day.

There's also a couple of other wips, a piece started for the Muse challenge on ArtOrder, a piece started for Chow 200 (Queen of music) and some more random sketches of stylised characters.


  1. oh.... the Chow200 piece looks like it will turn out lovely. Though i do wonder what musical instrument she's going to be holding. Right now it looks like an oversized caterpillar. :D

    I really like the deer head and the ferrety fox on the muse piece.

    always always nice to see things from you dear. I can see you're keeping busy, Hope you're enjoying it as well. take care.

  2. Looking good Sam!
    Perhaps you can burn your private work from your work pc on a cd-rom, have that "cleared" if you must, and take it home with you?

  3. @Hettar Thanks my dear! And fear not, I'm down to the last monster on your long awaited dark prince now, so should hopefully have him to show you soon! At the moment it does look like she's holding some kind of giant inflatable dinosaur! It will eventually be a harp.

    @Johan, cheers m'dear! And we don't have CD Drives in our dev machines, and all the USB ports are configured to need admin access if you put USB drives in. It's a night mare. I'll just have to save them all up and transfer them all in one go when I need to get some work transferred across.