Saturday, 6 November 2010

Drow Pin up

Spent all of today inspired by the latest CHoW activity - High Fantasy Pin up. Such an awesome topic, I was sad that I missed when it ran on Art Order, so jumped at the chance to have a go again now I have a bit of spare time (read: lull before Cataclysm). So here's a few wip shots of what I've been up to today - spent a total of around 12 hours on it so far. Kinda wish i'd not followed the ref for the pose *quite* so closely, as I think I could have got more looseness into her shape if I'd not stuck as close to it, but I'll let it go in favour of finishing it. Feels good to be kept up by the personal art urge!


  1. MMMmmmmm Yesh. High Fantasy Pinup is indeed an awesome topic.

  2. This is too cool Sam! Thanks for posting your WIP'S. I find it fascinating how you lay down your colors in blobby sections and make your decisions from there about what to emphasize. The fun texture you get in PS without using Painter makes me want to raid your brush set!

    I kind of liked the spellbook, but can see how it adds some nice motion off to the edge.

    I don't think I can imagine a drow chick without a corset now, thanks to all the groovy cosplayers out there!

    This came out great! You make me want to play with Photoshop blobs tooo.