Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year's Resolution

Alongside the usual 'must get fitter/more productive/drink less' kinda promises that will ultimately be broken in the near future (though I swear i'm going to get at least part way through the P90X program if it most likely kills me), what should be my most achievable goal in 2013 is to try and keep a more active web presence. This means more updates to this blog, and trying to respond to comments and posting more on the other sites I'm on (CGHub and deviant art being the prime at the moment).

So as it's aaalmost 2013, here's a quicky to start with, just a quick bit of character bust fun for a friend, of her character Ramah, desert prince and werewolf (focusing on the former).


  1. You're an amazing artist. I follow you on dA.

    1. Thanks Vicki, always nice to know people follow this dusty old blog too :)