Saturday, 12 January 2013

More bust fun - Epona

I should probably start by saying that these busts were mostly inspired by the gorgeous works of Dapper Owl over on deviantART... go check her gallery if you like these, she has such a beautiful style!

Just another bust, this time a little more labored over (female faces with their soft blends are harder for me at the moment, being in hard surface mode all the time for Transformers Universe) depicting another friend's character, Epona. A somewhat phoenix out of the flames of tragedy character, I chose to use her as practice for more over the top expressions, as mine are usually quite still. She's a faerie who was robbed of family, voice and wings, then sold to the circus as a freak act before she escaped. 

Here's the final piece and an animated gif of progress shots as I remembered to take them. 

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